rainscene umbrella is focused on the umbrella industry with decades of experience, adhere to the company’s philosophy, we only do the umbrella, and strive to provide you with the best quality umbrella, don’t forget that as long as you need it, we are behind you.


Therefore, the rainscene umbrella company focuses on safety. A series of children’s umbrella materials are strictly controlled to use non-polluting environmentally friendly materials, fiber safety, etc. The material, the absolute guarantee of the child’s healthy growth, can also experience our carefully designed products.According to the age of the children, we finally design 17-inch children’s umbrellas, 19-inch children’s umbrellas, and ear children’s umbrellas for children. In the rain, the umbrella surface is also designed as a child’s favorite pattern, with a variety of patterns, carefully designed details can not only bring a stylish appearance, the most important thing is to meet the child’s psychological love of cartoons and develop a door The habit of taking an umbrella with you. Our umbrellas have passed the inspections of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and are fully in line with the quality inspection of high-level umbrellas. This kind of umbrella can give the child a safe haven and a peace of mind for the parents.


rainscene umbrella

An umbrella to protect you walk atnight

Have you ever seen an umbrella that shines Today I will introduce to you a LED umbrella that a family must have NoThot Light umbrella An umbrella with advanced design and color matching One-click open umbrella with LED design Light can be switched on and off at any time to save power Use titanium silver fabric. The temperature under the umbrella is lowered by more than 10 degrees Effective sun protection and heat insulation Reflective strip edge design Walk at night. Security upgrade  

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