rainscene umbrella

The varicolored world of under the umbrella(FAN UMBRELLA)

Sometimes,because of an umbrella,fall in love with a person.Sometimes,

because of an umbrella,fall in love with this world.

That umbrella is umbrella of the rainscene umbrella company.

The rainscene umbrella company is morden and also is elegant.(CUSTOM FAN UMBRELLA )

It’s really a very uncomfortalbe thing to go out in the hot summer weater.But it is really a comfortable thing to go out and take an creative fan umbrella of the rainscene umbrella.

Fan umbrella.What’s the biggest feature of this fan umbrella?Of course,there is a fan inside, and This fan umbrella with all the advantages.

That is big and straight,Both sun protection and rain protection,and it is Also looks so cool.

The most important is everything you want can be customized.

You want to go out with a wonderful world, and fan umbrella can satisfy you.

you want to go out with a blue sky and white clouds,

and fan umbrella can satisfy you.(CUSTOM FAN UMBRELLA )

You may know the beauty of guangzhou’s ancient customs.

Maybe you also know the romance of the Eiffel Tower.

But you may not know the wonderful world of under the umbrella in the rainscene umbrella company.

As long as you believe rainscene umbrella,so We can customize what you want!(CUSTOM FAN UMBRELLA )

so you can see ,the size is 23 or 27 inch is OK,so you can make what you want.

the fabric is Pongee,so it is suitable for sun and raining.


Why choose us to custom fan umbrella?

1. Fast quotation-within half 1 hour and  Fast sample- within 24 hours
2. Fast production- just 10-15 days and  Fast cooperation-13 sales offer professional service

The advantage of your factory

A large range of production materials, more than 1,000 kinds of production species matching.

Regular order: 10-days production time for 1000pcs of folding umbrella,

within 25 days for 50000pcs of folding umbrella.

12 hours online, 30 minutes to accurate price!

5000pcs folding umbrella samples,

and arranging sample within 12 hours.

3 days to produce a sample for a regular umbrella.

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