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Outdoor Umbrella—Waterproof, sunscreen, uv – resistant outdoor beach umbrella

Outdoor Beach umbrella mainly use in beach or outdoor, because do not have keep out content on beach, be insolated by scorching sun person can not stand all the time, because this can have sunshade umbrella and deck chair commonly on beach.

Outdoor Beach umbrella A large sunshade used mainly for protection from direct sunlight on the beach.  Also known as beach parasol, beach parasol design is based on the garden umbrella and evolved.  However, with the continuous promotion of simple lifestyle and the development of commercial leisure industry, beach umbrella has been widely used on the beach. Its beautiful shape, effective sun protection and cheap outdoor commercial advertising are more conducive to its continuous promotion.  Beach umbrella is easy to move, easy to disassemble and assemble, low cost, can make the announcement LOGO and other advantages.

1/ Outdoor Beach Umbrella Classification:

According to the shape,outdoor beach umbrella can be divided into side column umbrella, middle column umbrella. And divided into circular and square two.

side column umbrellamiddle column umbrella

2/Outdoor Beach Umbrella Category

1)Outdoor Beach——Side column umbrella

1, Umbrella column unilateral independence, with 100% space utilization rate.  Avoid the traditional sunshade in the use of mesa drilling trouble and embarrassment.

2, Precision design of transmission mechanism and pulley system, one person can easily open and close, simple operation, convenient.

3.  It has strong wind resistance.  There is an umbrella on the vent formed by the umbrella, which is very beautiful and goes well with the umbrella seat.

4.The main body and the seat are designed to be separated and combined easily without any tools, making it easy to move and carry.

5.  Umbrella fabric can be easily removed and cleaned

6, Umbrella fabric specifications can be customized: personalized umbrella cloth printing, advertising LOGO

7, Durable, anti-aging, not easy to fade. 

side column umbrella

2)Outdoor Beach Umbrella ——The column of umbrella

1, Appearance

The design comes from the nature of the tree, the pillar support principle, delicate double pulley system, one person can easily open and close.

2, Material

The umbrella fabric is polyester cloth with the best sunshade. Research shows that the fabric with thick umbrella face has better uv resistance than the fabric with thin umbrella face. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection effect, while polyester fabric is better.  The umbrella fabric has a variety of colors, including dark green, wine red, rice white, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green and so on, and the glossy color of the umbrella is more beautiful and lively.  Umbrella surface can screen printing company logo and pattern, printing vivid and clear, never fade, is a good carrier of outdoor advertising enterprises.

3. Umbrella Frame

The structure of umbrella frame bracket is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy, which has good stretching performance, strong wind resistance, hard and not easy to break, or deformation caused by extrusion, electrostatic spraying surface, can withstand the wind and sun, not easy to fade, and affect the appearance.

Outdoor beach umbrella

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