rainscene umbrella

An umbrella that gives you a taste of first love(Personal Umbrella)

Hey!Do you remeber a taste of first love yet?Is sweet or bitter? Is endless aftertaste or unwilling to mention?But in the rainscene umbrella company,no matter where you are,we are waiting for you in the same place.Just waiting for you come back.(Personal Umbrella)

Personal Umbrella

Personal Umbrella

Believe most people of first love is like candy taste.Then the rainscene umbrella company this Aurora Color Matching-MANSHOW umbrella is an umbrella that can make you have the taste of first love.

The handle of this umbrella as same as first love,hold on hands just like hold the first love hand.Holding hands,walking together.(Personal Umbrella)


Personal Umbrella

What’s color of the your first love?Come to the rainscene umbrella company to customize your first love color!

Personal Umbrella make you happy.


Uumbrella name and size: Man golf umbrella  27 inch/30 inch
umbrella meterial and Available color: 190T pongee Black tape fabric; metal shaft,Color matching all fiber,Blue/Red/Green/Yellow.

The man golf umbrella  is longer than the regular straight one.

when the man golf umbrella is open ,it look  like a small sunny day.
Golf umbrella, hence the name magic, generally placed in the golf umbrella course for guests to use.

so you can see,the biggest characteristic of this umbrella is big, and the man golf umbrella is  the biggest umbrella.

and the golf umbrella  can be held in the hand, normal specification is between 25 inches -32 inches.

As more people know this umbrella has good quality,and  beautiful appearance, good effect of sunshade and rain, and  so on.

so man golf umbrella gradually becomes popular, and high-end hotels, high-end clubs and villas have also begun to be widely used.