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New Arrival——A portable umbrella with sun protection is essential in summer,Super light feather umbrella!

As the weather becomes more and more colorful, people must take an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun.So now I’d like to introduce to you a super light feather umbrella。

One second is the sun that dries people, and the next second it is pouring rain. If you don’t bring an umbrella, you will be in the sun for a while and get wet for a while, which makes people feel bad.

There is no shortage of long and short umbrellas at home, but I still don’t want to bring an umbrella every day, because it is very inconvenient to carry.

Long umbrellas are inconvenient to carry when traveling. Ordinary three-fold umbrellas are in the way, and they can’t be put in the bag. They are heavy and large.

Although the five-fold umbrella is short, the umbrella is actually quite heavy because of the large number of folds, and it is thicker than the three-fold umbrella when closed, and ordinary bags cannot be stuffed in it.

But don’t bring an umbrella, wait until you get sunburned, and then it rains suddenly, you will regret it to death.

Every time I come to this time, I wonder: Is there any kind of umbrella that is super light and super small, no burden in the hand, and can easily fit in pockets and bags?

Hard work pays off, I really found it.

Super Light Feather Umbrella

Yes, it is a veritable “feather umbrella”, as light as a feather, only 1/3 the thickness of an ordinary umbrella, you can put it in your bag or put it in your pocket, you can’t feel its existence at all, no wonder Others call it the “invisible umbrella”.

Whether it is a girl’s mini bag or a clothes pocket, it can be easily loaded. Don’t be afraid to bring an umbrella when you go out.
It is only 22cm long when it is stowed, which is almost the same as a mobile phone. It will not be too heavy or take up space when you hold it in your hand or put it in your bag.
And it can be used in both rain and shine. An umbrella solves all weather problems, not only covering the rain and sun protection, but also no longer worrying about going out in the wind and the sun.

The umbrella ribs are specially made of expensive lightweight aviation-grade materials. This material is very light and has excellent toughness. Compared with similar 5-bone umbrellas, it is a level lighter, and children can easily support it.

1、Super Lig ht Feather Umbrella

Super——its weight is only about 140g.

Super Light Feather Umbrella


2、Super Light Feather Umbrella

Small size -It is only 4cm in diameter after being closed

Super Light Feather Umbrella

It has multiple functions to keep you comfortable through the summer

3.Super Light Feather Umbrella

Sunscreen——Persistent sunscreen- UPF 50+

Super Light Feather Umbrella

4.The special umbrella cloth dries in one swing

Super Light Feather Umbrella

5.Technology sunscreen coating, can effectively block 99% of uv rays

Super Light Feather Umbrella

6.Body temperature can be lowered under the umbrella

Super Light Feather Umbrella

7.A great color combo for summer(6 color optional)

Super Light Feather Umbrella

Packing Details:With covers  and box

Style:Three fold umbrella
Size: 19 inches*6K
Frame: aluminum alloy
Fabric: sunscreen tape fabric
Handle: rubber handle

Open diameter: 95cm
Opening height: 52cm
Umbrella width: 4cm
Closing height: 22cm




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