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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China            Model Number:Tent 015
Brand Name: TIozomoo                              Name:trade show tent
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:   500000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging: Details  standard carton packaging
Port  :Guangzhou


Outdoor trade show tent

Logo:Customized available

colors:Customized available

Model:Tent 015

Brand: Tiozomoo

Outdoor Trade Show Tent

Outdoor Trade Show Tent is our friend in life, when we are in trouble, he for our wind and rain, sun and shade. So what do we know about our good friend? Below I lead you to go to the advertising tent production factory to have a look, I believe that you will have some harvest.

Outdoor Trade Show Tent

Outdoor Trade Show Tent is known as the home carried in the traveler’s backpack, accompany us spring, summer, autumn and winter.Outdoor Trade Show Tent in the production of the first to have a good design, because a good design not only looks good, but it is more practical. Streamlined windproof and rainproof design, but also to give full play to the advantages of the Guang-ao tent. It is beneficial to increase the service life of advertising tent. Efforts should also be made in the purchase of materials, because this is the basis for ensuring the quality of advertising tent, and also a key step. We should choose the cloth specially produced for umbrellas and cut it according to the size of the umbrella to be made. This is usually cut by workers with an Angle square. The material of the bracket is aluminum alloy stainless steel tube. The advertising tent should not only be durable and of good quality, but also consider the factor of light and easy to carry inside.

Outdoor Trade Show Tent

The second step of the advertising tent is to make art on the material, if it looks more beautiful. An advertising tent is basically completed in the early stage after printing patterns and attaching business cards. The laundry is the assembly, inspection and final part of the Outdoor Trade Show Tent. After packaging and selling, although the Outdoor Trade Show Tent is not a technical work in the later stage, it is also very important to check the qualified rate of the products through assembly and quality inspection, so as to guarantee the legitimate rights of consumers

Profit is not harmed. The packaging tent not only makes the advertising tent convenient in terms of sales, but also reduces the damage caused by the outside world in the transport and sales process to a certain extent. Through the above advertising tent in the production process knowledge explanation, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of your advertising tent, to your production life will be helpful.

Outdoor Trade Show Tent

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