rainscene umbrella

This umbrella(reverse umbrella), the average person, I don’t tell him.

Sometimes,there are things you can’t just listen to what other people say.(reverse umbrella  manufacturer)

Only when they have experienced it personally know what it is,For the umbrella that automatically opens the reverse umbrella,

so the general rainscene umbrella company does not tell him, because this umbrella is really too popular with customers.

Don’t ask if the automatic opening of the reverse umbrella will be so popular.

If you have tried it, you will know what is the modern popular rainscene umbrella company

that automatically opens the reverse umbrella.(reverse umbrella  manufacturer)

reverse umbrella manufacturer

The automatic opening of the umbrella in the rainscene umbrella company and the inverted umbrella of other models is so different.

Where is it different? Read on to the end of the article.(reverse umbrella  manufacturer)

The first salient features:

the automatic opening of the reverse umbrella, it is effortless to open, as long as you press it,the umbrella will automatically open.

Don’t worry if you encounter a weather that is suddenly stormy on a sunny day.

In the rainscene umbrella company automatically opens a reverse umbrella for one second.

The second salient feature:

the rainscene umbrella company automatically opens the reverse umbrella use is a double-layer pongee fabric,perfect to cover the umbrella frame,

no longer have to worry about the hair will get stuck in the umbrella stand.

And with iron shaft, and it is stable and not easily deformed.

The advantage of the fiber frame that we use it that it’s very toughness.

The third salient feature:

inverted umbrella

inverted umbrella

It is common to see that the handles of the reverse umbrella are in the shape of “C”,and the automatic opening reverse umbrella of the rainscene umbrella company is a self-opening snake-shaped handle,which conforms to each person’s hand shape and Easy to master.

Do you understand this three biggest different features?But you can’t see the perfect design of the umbrella alone.

Only the real experience knows what the rainscene umbrella company will automatically open the reverse umbrella!((reverse umbrella  manufacturer))

A customizable material, customizable logo from the rainscene umbrella company automatically open the reverse umbrella,hurry to find us to customize it!

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