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A special umbrella — A luminous umbrella that keeps you safe at night

There are all kinds of umbrellas on the market now, and you may not have seen this one — a luminous umbrella

luminous umbrella

1) It took one year and tens of thousands of tools to research the new skeleton, and the intensity of the light is stronger than our usual light umbrella-luminous umbrella
luminous umbrella
2) Novel special products-luminous umbrella

LED light on top of umbrella bone is matched with titanium silver fabric, so that the radiation range of lighting is expanded 1-2 times, and the lighting function is significant. When walking at night on rainy days, you are no longer afraid of stepping on puddles;  The light-emitting strip on the umbrella surface is designed with high reflective effect when traveling at night, so that drivers can see you from far away and take the initiative to avoid traffic to ensure safe walking at night.

Green luminous umbrellaBlack luminous umbrellaGray luminous umbrella
3) A luminous umbrella specially made for men:

the appearance of high-grade atmosphere, super wind resistance and large umbrella surface, the umbrella surface preferably classic black, senior gray, light dark green, advanced color matching, suit style design, keep the business simple style while more delicate, it is a high-end business umbrella to highlight the temperament of men.

luminous umbrella handle
4) A family essential luminous umbrella:

a 27-inch umbrella with a large surface is suitable for many family members and has a variety of functions (sunny and rainy, with LED lights). At the same price, why not choose one with good functions?  It’s a good choice to keep at home, in your car, and protect your family in the rain at night.

luminous umbrella frame
5) An luminous umbrella  suitable for outdoor use:

it is said that men are embarrassed to use sunscreen umbrella, this sunscreen umbrella allows you to use with your family, using high-tech titanium silver fabric, the temperature under the umbrella drops at least 13 degrees;  In rainy days, the outer waterproof cloth, waterproof effect is good, not afraid of rain;  When walking at night, turn on the LED light with one key, lighting a large range, see the road ahead, do not slip, do not step on the pit;  When crossing the road, wrap the side reflective strip, so that the security upgrade, men have an umbrella is enough

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