rainscene umbrella

You are shining in the rain(straight umbrella factory)

“Always ask for it, but never say thank you. It is not easy to know you until you grow up.”(straight umbrella factory)

This is the lyrics from the chopstick brother “Father”.They all say that the father loves the mountain.

Whenever you sing this song, you can always make people cry,

so how can you hope that time can be slower?

You grow up with the rainscene umbrella company, and the rainscene umbrella company will always be with you.

(straight umbrella factory)

straight umbrella factory

straight umbrella factory

The father in the photo is holding a umbrella with a straight shank hook in the rainscene umbrella company,and it is  to prop up a sunny day for his children.

straight umbrella factory

The straight umbrella of the rainscene umbrella company has a wooden shaft straight umbrella, an iron shaft straight umbrella, and so on.

we can make all the materials of the straight umbrella in the rainscene umbrella company ,and we can make the  color.

we can meke handle shape, and also we can make printed LOGO,

straight umbrella is the umbrella of choice for gift umbrella.

If you want to customize the umbrella at this moment, and the rainscene umbrella company is your first choice.

and (straight umbrella factory)